We Love Our Volunteers

Congressman John Katko
Congressman John Katko delivering meals to our
local residents for March for Meals week.

As a self-supporting organization, ECHO Meals on Wheels relies on not only the generous monetary donations from our community, but also on the gift of time from our volunteers.

Volunteer Application Form

We simply cannot survive without our dedicated volunteers. We have about 190 volunteers, and we are always in need of more. Volunteering can be an hour, a day, or several days. We appreciate any time you can give. It all makes a difference.

An organization like ECHO has many opportunities to volunteer. A volunteer can be behind the scenes shopping, answering phone calls and responding to emails, cooking in the kitchen, or even serving on our administration board. Or you can choose to be on the front lines, delivering meals to our grateful clients. There is a place for everyone. If you are interested in volunteering, just ask, and together we will find the perfect fit for you with ECHO.

Our volunteers all agree – the best part of volunteering is how it unexpectedly blesses and even changes their lives. As with most things in life, the phrase “It is better to give than to receive” rings true when serving with Meals on Wheels. Most people sign up feeling a need to help others, and then fall in love with serving and can hardly wait for their next scheduled time to help. Knowing you are helping someone to not go hungry is a great feeling.

Whether you know without a doubt you are ready to help, or are just curious and have some questions, please call us at (315) 487-2878, and we will answer all of your questions and see if volunteering is a good fit for you. Thank you for considering ECHO Meals on Wheels.


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    Confidentiality. I hereby understand that any and all information which I may receive regarding any client of ECHO Meals on Wheels (ECHO MOW) is to remain confidential. I hereby agree to not discuss any such client information which I may receive through my volunteer activities with anyone.

    Release of Liability. I hereby release ECHO Meals on Wheels West, Inc., from any claim or liability for any injury or illness resulting to any minor or non‐applicant who may accompany a volunteer from time to time during the volunteer’s activities with ECHO MOW, where such injury or illness is not occasioned by any fault or neglect on the part of ECHO MOW.

    Certification of Information Provided. I hereby certify that I, the undersigned applicant, have personally completed this application. I declare that the facts contained in this application and any supporting documents are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false information or omission will disqualify me from further consideration for volunteering and if discovered at a later date, will be justification for my dismissal from volunteering.


    ECHO Meals on Wheels West, Inc.

    4600 West Genesee Street, Syracuse, NY 13219

    (315) 487‐2878