ECHO History

ECHO History

ECHO Meals on Wheels has been serving our neighbors for more than 50 years.

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In 1969, members from 11 churches in the Syracuse area began providing a variety of services to the homebound. Back then ECHO stood for Ecumenical Churches Helping Others. The name was later changed to ECHO…Ecumenical Community Helping Others, with many different faiths volunteering. No matter the name, it is what we have always stood for—helping others.

Before ECHO was able to prepare meals for the homebound in a commercial kitchen, the meals were prepared by volunteers in their homes. Now, thanks to Camillus Town Hall, we use a wonderful commercial kitchen to prepare food safely and sanitarily, which in turn allows us to deliver safe, healthy food to those in need.

We deliver meals Monday – Friday, and as time went on, we realized that some were still going without a meal on the weekends. So—the idea of frozen meals and bagged lunches was born. We deliver those options on Fridays, so meals can also be enjoyed on the weekends.

ECHO Meals on Wheels has always existed out of a love for the community and a heart for service. Since 1969, people have been coming together to bring hot meals and smiles to the elderly, the sick, and the disabled. When we deliver a meal from ECHO, it is easy to see the love and appreciation on our clients' faces. Everyone deserves to know they are cared for. And no one, absolutely no one, should go hungry. We have been making sure of that for 51 years and will continue to do so with the help of our volunteers.
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